2016 - Fondazione Genoa 1893


In 2016, the Foundation and the Spensley Association recreated the historic jersey of former footballer Franco Ferrari and opened a weekly column in collaboration with the Genoa News website titled “Il Grifone racconta” or “The Griffin Recounts” dedicated to Genoa CFC players who made history.
The Rotary Club of Novi Ligure in October invited the Foundation’s Historical Committee to host the conference “Le relazioni anglo-genovesi e le origini del football a Genova” or “Anglo-Genoese relations and the origins of football in Genoa”. In the same period, the Genoese artist Nicola Montera creates for the Foundation a series of graphic illustrations with mixed media, limited edition, numbered and autographed.

In October, the Foundation participated in two conferences on technologies for Cultural Heritage: the first at the Real Collegio di Lucca and the second at the Piccolo Teatro di Milano.
At the end of the year, the company began a new collaboration with the company “Handmade Emanuela” for the creation of red-blue knitwear and establishes, in collaboration with the Association “Per Staglieno Onlus”, the initiative “Let’s pay homage to History”, a guided tour at the Monumental Cemetery in Genoa on the tombs of illustrious genoans (football players, presidents, singers, actors etc).