2013 - Fondazione Genoa 1893


From June 2013, with the transfer of the office to “via al Porto Antico” the foundation shares the space with the shop and ticket office of the Genoa Society and begins its participation in various initiatives, including that of the National Day of Families in Museums, participated in by the most Italian museums.
In the meantime, the digital audio guide is created to visit the exhibitions, in agreement with Genoa CFC.
During the 120th anniversary of the birth of Genoa, the Museum and Genoa celebrate the athletes who helped write the story of Il Grifone, giving rise to the club’s first Hall of Fame. During this time, the exhibition “Il Genoa and the Arts”, hosted by the Rotta Farinelli Gallery in Via XX Settembre, is also held, where the Colombian artist Federico Romero Bayter portrays various players with mixed-technique paintings.

At the end of the year, extensive iconographic material was provided for the production of Michele Buongiorno’s video: Genova and Calcio – The two souls of La Superba.