2008 - Fondazione Genoa 1893


In 2008, a new “Quaderno della Fondazione” was published off-series – the “Dizionario illustrato dei giocatori genoani” or “Illustrated Dictionary of Genoese Players” by Davide Rota, is published and the Foundation collaborates to organize the 115th anniversary of Genoa CFC by supporting a part of the costs. In October the foundation participated in the conference organized at the Palazzo della Borsa of Genoa under the title “Lo sport e la Grande Guerra” or “Sport and the Great War” and through its website opens a service for the daily press review of the team.
At the end of the year, painter Flavio Costantini made a screenprint titled “Genoa: il cuore della città” or “Genoa: the heart of the city”, with a limited edition of 500 copies signed and numbered by the artist.
The third volume of “Quarderni della Fondazione” was then published with the volume of journalist Gessi Adamoli entitled “Le mie figurine rossoblù. Trent’anni di Genoa vissuti in prima persona” or “My red-blue figurines. Thirty years of Genoa experienced first hand”.