2007 - Fondazione Genoa 1893


2007 saw the foundation join with the Genoa Cricket Association 1893, supporting it for a period of time and launching a project for amateur youth football in collaboration with Amicizia Lagaccio, CerialeCisano, Corte 82, Nuova San Fruttuoso.
In the same year, in accordance with its statutory goals, the foundation was among the promoters of the Advanced Course in “Professional Sports Law” established by the University of Genoa. Followed by the release of the second volume of “Quaderni della Fondazione” with the publication “Il destino nelle mani” or “Destiny in one’s hands” and in collaboration with the publisher De Ferrari a box of 3 volumes is printed dedicated to the history of Genoa CFC titled “La leggenda genoana” or “The Genoan Legend”.