The Genoa Foundation 1893 ETS, a private non-profit foundation, lives off the founder’s endowment, the proceeds from its activities, subscriptions and donations of its supporters.


To become a Membership Subscriber, you can pay an additional 7% of the subscription amount during subscription campaigns, to the Genoa Foundation 1893 ETS, as a contribution to finance the Foundation and its activities.
The initiative takes place in full harmony and sharing of the development objectives and common values for all the activities of the Foundation itself.
The payment of this amount allows you to participate in the election of four members of the Steering Council; each subscriber will cast a vote, without distinction between the place orders to which the subscriptions refer.



You can support the museum's cultural and educational activity and contribute to the conservation, restoration and enhancement of the works it contains.
There are many points of contact between the Foundation and companies. To meet the business objectives and the return on investment, while strengthening its link with the region, the Foundation offers an articulated series of sponsorship programs, backing, on request, projects aimed at enhancing the identity and core enterprises belonging to the business world.
Companies and institutions that participate in the Institutional Sponsorship program support the Foundation’s social and cultural mission with their constant presence supporting the year-round activities. As a partner, companies can also undertake a variety of initiatives with the Foundation, or support the Museum in the acquisition of new items of historical significance to enrich its permanent collection.
Choosing to become the main sponsor of an exhibition event allows companies to achieve immediate visibility both internationally and locally. The inclusion of the Sponsor’s logo and company profile in communication materials is accompanied by a continuous presence in the side activities at the exhibitions. The Genoa Foundation evaluates with particular interest the possibility of establishing collaborations for events aimed at involving the surrounding region.
One of the strategic objectives of the Foundation is the cultural growth of visitors and new generations. Supporting the educational activity of the Foundation means participating in the conception and implementation of creative workshops. An extraordinary opportunity in terms of communication and image of a company, it can benefit on multiple occasions throughout the year from the strengthening of relations with the local community.
Becoming a Technical Sponsor means making your product known, associating it in a concrete way to a context of high cultural value. There are innumerable objects integrated into the permanent set-up of the Museum: furnishings, in particular, but also electronic devices and the infrastructural support for the visit.



There are several ways to support the museum: you can help us enrich the collection, donate your time, donate 5 x thousand or contribute financially with a legacy.

Become a Subscriber

The minimum amount to become a subscriber is set at 50 euros, while there are no maximum limits for payments. A certificate is issued indicating the name of the subscriber, the amount paid and certifying the corresponding voting right.
To support you can proceed through:

Bank transfer:
Those who pay by bank transfer are requested to indicate their name, address, contact details and tax code in the reason for payment.
Iban: IT52M0538701400000047007620
Banca BPER

Online y credit card or pay pal:

Please communicate your name, address, contact details and tax code.

Diventa Sottoscrittore


To achieve its objectives, the Genoa 1893 Foundation ETS needs the support and participation of all. Even the smallest contribution, abstract or concrete, is useful for carrying out its initiatives both present and future.

In your next tax return, without incurring any additional cost, assign your 5×1000 to the Genoa Foundation.

It does not cost you anything and it is invaluable value to us!

• In the income statement form (Modello Unico, 730, CUD) search for the space: “Scelta per la destinazione del Cinque per Mille dell’IRPEF”.

• Put your signature in the box “Sostegno degli enti del terzo settore iscritti nel Runts di cui all’art. 46, C. 1 del D. LGS 3 luglio 2017 n. 117 comprese le cooperative sociali ed escluse le imprese social costituite in forma di società, nonché sostegno delle onlus iscritte all’anagrafe”

• Write the tax code of the Genoa 1893 ETS Foundation under the signature and in the appropriate space: 01634160996

Please note that the destination of the 5×1000 contribution does not preclude the distinct and different destination of the other 8×1000 contribution of the Income Statement, as per law.