The Museum preserves, studies and interprets the historical heritage of the
Genoa Cricket and Football Club to make it available to the public.

The Museum preserves, studies and interprets the historical heritage of the Genoa Cricket and Football Club to make it available to the public. This heritage consists of the collections, from the archive and library, that bear witness to the history of Genoa CFC and Italian football. The archive is structured into various resources, photographic, paper and multimedia. It is a heritage of inestimable value and is continuously increasing in size. The archival reorganization in progress, the preservation, the digitization and the stock taking of the documents are all stages of a wider ambition to further enable the access to historical information to the public.
The photographic archive consists of over 7000 photographic objects. The archive is currently being reorganised.
The audiovisual archive includes material in various formats: films, analog and digital magnetic tapes, DVDs, digital storage units containing documentaries, films and interviews. Some films have been made by the museum itself. The archive is being currently being reorganised.
The passing down of stories was one of the first forms of historical narration and conservation of memory. For the Museum, recordings of oral sources are a valuable tool for preserving this intangible heritage.

The Museum adopts its own methods of oral history, producing and preserving audiovisual recordings in which both professionals and members of the public recount their personal experiences about Genoa.
The discipline of oral history is a method of documentation and historiographical investigation that is based on listening to the spoken sources to be placed alongside texts, images, material testimonies, and so on. The sources are “produced” at the time of their collection. These records are therefore unique documents, originating from the encounter between the museum and the interviewed witnesses.
The Genoa 1893 Foundation makes their archive and library available to students, researchers and professors who document their study objectives (self-certification and/or introduction letter from a professor or relevant university/institution).
Reservations are required to be sent to info@fondazionegenoa.com or call on +39 010-55 36 711 at least one week in advance.
In case of the reproduction of documents, photographic images or other material it will be necessary to fill in relevant forms for authorisation.
Public services: Reading and consultation on site | Information, advice and bibliographic research | Sending of photocopies by request (written or by telephone) for non-residents
Access and consultation is free of charge.

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