Fondazione Genoa 1893 - Fondazione Genoa 1893

Fondazione Genoa 1893

The Genoa Foundation 1893 was established on March 7, 2006 and by the following September 5, by Decree of the Region of Liguria, it gained its formal recognition and legal status.
The Foundation was born from the initiative of the President of the Genoa Cricket and Football Club, Enrico Preziosi in a delicate phase in the history of the club. The initiative drew on and took advantage from the events of the period, the response of the Genoa CFC community, and worked towards guaranteeing its future existence.
The Body is a “Participatory Foundation”: members who make contributions in the various forms provided by the by-laws may express their vote to appoint members of the Board of Directors, which in turn is in charge of the appointment of the Regency Board.
The Foundation received an initial endowment from its founder consisting of a sum of money, as well as shares representing 25% of the share capital of Genoa-Società, with the guarantee of the preservation of the integrity of the share capital for ten years. Following the loss of said guarantee, the shares will be downgraded, thus guaranteeing the Foundation a suitable revenue contributing to its own, and the Museum’s, survival for the coming years.

Corporate Social Responsibility

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The Mission

To promote the growth of the community of Genoa supporters among new generations and the identification of its values conveyed through its sporting traditions, in the light of their socio-cultural value;
To curate the collection of documentation and materials of historical relevance; to promote research in the context of the history of the city of Genoa and that of football in Italy, pursuing its dissemination through the setting up and management of a permanent exhibition structure;
To promote in the Ligurian youth, and disadvantaged demographics, initiatives and dissemination tools and participation in football – as a show, practice, social activity and promotion of young persons – in accordance with the values of sport, loyalty and civility;
To promote the practice of youth and amateur football in Liguria, and in particular research and training, both in sports and education, of young talents; the setting up of study initiatives and of reform proposal of the Italian sports system with particular regard to that of the football;
Collaboration with Genoa-Società as the primary entity of the widespread interests of the Genoan community and Genoa supporters, assistance and support of the club, constant sharing of information on its activities and the promotion of its growth.

The Foundation’s initiatives

  • 2006

    In July 2006, the “Quale riforma per il calcio” or “Which Reform for Football” conference was organized in collaboration with the Faculty of Law in Genoa, and in December the editorial papers series “Quaderni della Fondazione” was born with its first publication “Essere Genoani” or “Being Genoans”. Also in the same year, the Foundation began its own website

  • 2007

    2007 saw the foundation join with the Genoa Cricket Association 1893, supporting it for a period of time and launching a project for amateur youth football in collaboration with Amicizia Lagaccio, CerialeCisano, Corte 82, Nuova San Fruttuoso.
    In the same year, in accordance with its statutory goals, the foundation was among the promoters of the Advanced Course in “Professional Sports Law” established by the University of Genoa. Followed by the release of the second volume of “Quaderni della Fondazione” with the publication “Il destino nelle mani” or “Destiny in one’s hands” and in collaboration with the publisher De Ferrari a box of 3 volumes is printed dedicated to the history of Genoa CFC titled “La leggenda genoana” or “The Genoan Legend”.

  • 2008

    In 2008, a new “Quaderno della Fondazione” was published off-series – the “Dizionario illustrato dei giocatori genoani” or “Illustrated Dictionary of Genoese Players” by Davide Rota, is published and the Foundation collaborates to organize the 115th anniversary of Genoa CFC by supporting a part of the costs. In October the foundation participated in the conference organized at the Palazzo della Borsa of Genoa under the title “Lo sport e la Grande Guerra” or “Sport and the Great War” and through its website opens a service for the daily press review of the team.
    At the end of the year, painter Flavio Costantini made a screenprint titled “Genoa: il cuore della città” or “Genoa: the heart of the city”, with a limited edition of 500 copies signed and numbered by the artist.
    The third volume of “Quarderni della Fondazione” was then published with the volume of journalist Gessi Adamoli entitled “Le mie figurine rossoblù. Trent’anni di Genoa vissuti in prima persona” or “My red-blue figurines. Thirty years of Genoa experienced first hand”.

  • 2009

    In June 2009, the Museum of the History of Genoa was created on the premises of the foundation headquarters and opened to the public, obtaining by ministerial measure the recognition of the relevant cultural interests ex art. 48, c. 6, d. lgs. 42/2004 and art. 8, c.2, lett. F) DPR 233/2007.
    On 30 April 2009 the foundation participated at the Faculty of Motor Science at the University of Turin at the seminar “Gli esordi (1893-1915) della squadra maestra del calcio in Italia” or “The Beginnings (1893-1915) of the Italian Football Team”.

  • 2010

    In 2010 a feasibility study for the renovation of the “Luigi Ferraris” Stadium is entrusted to a group of architects. With Costa Art, the print shop of Salita Santa Caterina (Genoa), a series of artistic photographs are made on canvas, inspired by the story of Il Grifone. The Genoese comedian actor Carlo Denei publishes in the same year, sponsored by the Foundation, the volume “Dove osano i grifoni” or “Where the Griffons Dare” published by A & A in December, followed by a second release entitled “Gocce di Genoa su di noi” or “Droplets of Genoa on us”.

  • 2011-2015

    From 2011 to 2015 the Foundation donated books, magnets and other memorabilia to “Emergency” for its Christmas sales. The initiative “Locali Amici della Fondazione” or “Local Friends of the Foundation” is launched in 2011, which seeks collaborative recreation between the Foundation and various Genoese and Ligurian associations.

    On May 31, 2012, in agreement with the Association of Friends of the Anglican Church, the Foundation and Genoa CFC allow the Fawcus Cup to be displayed on the premises of the Church during the celebrations of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee.

    With the support of the City of Genoa, five signposts were installed in the Porto Antico area to indicate the exact location of the premises.
    In a homage to Sir J.R. Spensley (1867-1915) the English pioneer of football, in the centenary of his death, the Foundation organizes in its halls a conference titled “One special gentleman in Genoa” in collaboration with the Centro Studi Mario Mazza and with the participation of the British Consulate.
    Finally, the Historical Committee intervenes at the presentation of the volume “Quando vinceva il Quadrilatero. 1908-1928: gli anni d’oro del calcio piemontese” or “When the Quadrilateral won. 1908-1928: the golden years of Piedmontese football” at the Loggia di San Sebastiano at Ovada.

  • 2016

    In 2016, the Foundation and the Spensley Association recreated the historic jersey of former footballer Franco Ferrari and opened a weekly column in collaboration with the Genoa News website titled “Il Grifone racconta” or “The Griffin Recounts” dedicated to Genoa CFC players who made history.
    The Rotary Club of Novi Ligure in October invited the Foundation’s Historical Committee to host the conference “Le relazioni anglo-genovesi e le origini del football a Genova” or “Anglo-Genoese relations and the origins of football in Genoa”. In the same period, the Genoese artist Nicola Montera creates for the Foundation a series of graphic illustrations with mixed media, limited edition, numbered and autographed.

    In October, the Foundation participated in two conferences on technologies for Cultural Heritage: the first at the Real Collegio di Lucca and the second at the Piccolo Teatro di Milano.
    At the end of the year, the company began a new collaboration with the company “Handmade Emanuela” for the creation of red-blue knitwear and establishes, in collaboration with the Association “Per Staglieno Onlus”, the initiative “Let’s pay homage to History”, a guided tour at the Monumental Cemetery in Genoa on the tombs of illustrious genoans (football players, presidents, singers, actors etc).

  • 2017

    In 2017, with the Val Bisagno City Hall, the Foundation will install two historical plaques at the ends of Carrega Bridge, a historic site for the City and team.

  • 2018

    In 2018, the publication of a new “Quaderno della Fondazione” dedicated to the match tables of Genoa is planned.

Elections of Fondazione Genoa 189

Every three years, the organs of the Genoa 1893 Foundation are renewed with elections by subscribers and membership subscribers.<

Who votes

Contributors and contributors with a membership can vote. The Genoa Foundation 1893 issues to each contributor a certificate stating the name, the amount paid and also certifying the corresponding voting right to elect, every three years, the members of the Board of Directors.

How to vote

The election of the contributors’ representatives takes place through the website of the Foundation through personal username and password assigned to each contributor. Each vote is weighted based on the amount paid compared to the total amount contributed.