Exhibition and Initiatives

Relive the past of Genoa and the football movement in Italy with exhibitions and dedicated initiatives.

Museum Initiatives

  • 2007

    Between 2007 and 2008, the foundation acquired a rich collection of documents, photographs, newspapers, magazines, relics of great interest for the history of the football club representing, even today, an impressive cultural heritage.
    Both the archive and the library are available by appointment for historical-cultural and research purposes.

  • 2008

    In 2008 the first exhibition “Football: The Age of Pioneers (1898-1908)” was created, with the provision of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities of 25 June 2008, the relevant cultural ex art. 48, c. 6, d. lgs. 42/2004 and art. 8, paragraph 2, letter f of Presidential Decree 233/2007.

    La Presse, il Secolo XIX and Rai Trade, in collaboration with the Museum, produce a 5 DVD box set titled “La Grande Storia del Genoa”.

  • 2009

    On 8 September 2009, the Museum takes part in the initiatives of the City of Genoa, remaining open during the Notte Bianca. At the end of the year the Genoa Club Bordighera for its forty years of life with the patronage of the Foundation, publishes its own history.

  • 2010

    In July 2010, in Neustift, during the away game of the first team, the Museum runs its own stand in the Genoa CFC village where, in addition to an exhibition space, it sells its merchandise. Furthermore, a room in the Museum is dedicated to the projection, on a giant screen, of all the away games – an initiative that also includes a visit to the museum space. From December 11th to 13th, together with the Genoa Company, the foundation took part in the World Football Show at the Fiera Rho Milano.

  • 2011

    From 2011 a collaboration still active today begins with Galata Edizioni which lends historical material to make the official sticker book album of Genoa CFC. Additionally, with the company Winning Spa it participates in the creation of the official diary of the club.
    At the Fondazione Casa America, in collaboration the Foundation, and Società U.C. Sampdoria, the exhibition “Genoa, Sampdoria and Latin America” (2011) is set up with its catalog “Latin-American Stories of Genoa and Sampdoria”.

  • 2012

    From 2012 a program of artistic and recreational educational workshops (Night at the Museum) is created by the graphic designer Gabriella Barresi, largely relevant to, the history of Genoa CFC, and are today more numerous and varied than ever. Links with social channels “Facebook”, “Instagram” and “Twitter” are also activated to publicize the Museum and its activities.

  • 2013

    From June 2013, with the transfer of the office to “via al Porto Antico” the foundation shares the space with the shop and ticket office of the Genoa Society and begins its participation in various initiatives, including that of the National Day of Families in Museums, participated in by the most Italian museums.
    In the meantime, the digital audio guide is created to visit the exhibitions, in agreement with Genoa CFC.
    During the 120th anniversary of the birth of Genoa, the Museum and Genoa celebrate the athletes who helped write the story of Il Grifone, giving rise to the club’s first Hall of Fame. During this time, the exhibition “Il Genoa and the Arts”, hosted by the Rotta Farinelli Gallery in Via XX Settembre, is also held, where the Colombian artist Federico Romero Bayter portrays various players with mixed-technique paintings.

    At the end of the year, extensive iconographic material was provided for the production of Michele Buongiorno’s video: Genova and Calcio – The two souls of La Superba.

  • 2014

    The Foundation, since 2014, then participates in two events dedicated to cultural promotion and dissemination: the Science Festival and “Museum Week”, and sets up a competition for the creation of its Hall of Fame in collaboration with the Genoa CFC Society.
    In the same year still, several cups exhibited at the Museum owned by the club are loaned for the inauguration of Mondo Milan. While other pieces of the collection are made available to the Federazione Italiana Gioco Calcio for the exhibition “La Nazionale tra emozioni e storia. Un secolo di calcio azzurro” at the Auditorium of Rome.
    Finally, a weekly section dedicated to the 1914-15 championship is made on the site of Pianeta Genoa 1893.

  • 2015

    In May 2015, at the Palazzo Tursi, the Coni (Italian National Olympic Committee) organizes a historical-iconographic exhibition for the Società Centenarie (one hundred year-old societies) in Liguria, dedicating a space to the Society and to the Museum.
    On the Italian Giornata Nazionale delle Famiglie (National Family Day) a new collaboration begins with the Dadoblù of Boccadasse aimed at enlarging the Museum’s didactic offer of its programs to include disciplines such as theater, music and dance.
    In 2015 the Foundation, in collaboration with the club, the Municipality of Genoa, and Genoa fan Instagramers, carries out a photo contest on Instagram entitled “Genova è solo rossoblù!” (“Genoa is only red-blue!”), whose photographs are destined to be exhibited in the Museum.

    From June to August the Museum participates in the Children’s Summer Center in the Porto Antico in collaboration with the Agorà company.

  • 2016

    In February 2016 the Foundation, with the Museum, joined the European project “Urbact III Interactive Cities” together with the Genoa CFC, the Municipality of Genoa and other museums in the city.
    The Associazione Italiana Calciatori (Italian Footballers’ Association) opens in Genoa, followed by the temporary exhibition “Heroes of Football. Footballer’s Stories” in September. On this occasion the Foundation is appointed by Genoa CFC to take care of the museum areas dedicated to them.

    In 2016 the Foundation then supported, by the purchase of food, Genoese families in difficulty, through Music For Peace.

  • 2017

    In April 2017, different iconographic material was made for the production of the film “Principe Libero” Bibi Film / RAI Fiction dedicated to Fabrizio De Andrè and the footballer Gigi Meroni for the creation of a DVD distributed by Tuttosport / La Stampa / Guerin Sportivo. In September, the Museum was included for the first time in the Impararte 2017 booklet created by the Fondazione Palazzo Ducale of Genoa, dedicated to presenting the educational offers of schools.
    In collaboration with the Genoa Academy a large children’s Halloween party is organized in the Museum premises with the mascot Artiglio.

  • 2018

    For the 2017/2018 season the Museum will be an educational partner of the project “GENOVA the team of my city”, conceived by the Associazione Club Genoani for Infant, Primary and Secondary Schools, in collaboration with Genoa CFC and all the components of the Organized Fandom. School children will have to make a short video in which Genoese and Genoan values have to emerge through images of daily life that highlight the link between city and team.

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